Today is officially my first day in rehab, I am quite nervous but also excited at the same time, the hard work begins today. The centre I am staying in is quite modern and is in a rather large building with some amazing views. I was given a tour around the facilities and I am very happy with it they have a private room for watching TV and socialising with other patients as well as a gym, a dining room for the meals that are prepared throughout the day and beautiful gardens.

I started the day by talking to one of the medical professionals at the centre, he was very nice and explained what the plan for the week was. After he explained what I should expect this week he then did a full medical assessment to prepare me for my detox from alcohol. Once this was done I was free to go up to my private room and make myself at home, after this was done I had something to eat and then when straight to bed for an early night.

If you are dealing with an addiction and want to start a similar journey to myself then you can click on the below link which will take you to the site of the centre I am currently staying at.


Are you suffering with an alcohol addiction?

The most proven way to recover from addiction is by undertaking a rehabilitation programme, I am currently receiving treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Spain called Step One Recovery who are part of Rehab Clinics Group.

Alcohol Addiction
What is an alcohol addiction?
An alcohol addiction is a disease that can be classed as both a physical and mental condition.

Alcohol Rehab
Symptoms of an alcohol addiction
The most common symptoms include negative emotions, cravings, impulsive behaviour and withdrawal syndrome.

Alcohol Rehab
Key causes of an alcohol addiction
The cause of an alcohol addiction can be down to many different factors including the environment you surround yourself in. This was the case for me and that's why I decided to get treatment as far away as I could.

Alcohol Withdrawl Symptoms
Alcohol addiction withdrawl symptoms
When removing alcohol from your system you may experiance some symtoms as a result, this can include tiredness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, nausea etc. This is why it's important that you detox in a safe environment with health professionals on hand.