About Me

Hi, my name is Tim Hasiagon and for the past 14 years of my life, I have been completely in denial about my addiction to alcohol. My family and friends would all say the same thing “YOU NEED HELP!” but this did not stop me. On an average night, I would go the local pub after work with just one intention….to get as drunk as possible and forget about the stress of the day. Drinking was my salvation from all stress and commitments, it was the one thing in my life that I could not do without. It did not matter to me if I blacked out in the front garden before making it through my front door, it did not matter that my doctor said my liver will fail by the time I’m 50 years old, to me the urge of the drink was too powerful to even think about letting it go.

Now you might be reading all this thinking how on earth did all that change? It seemed like you were too far gone to change? Well, the reason I decided to change was down to one moment that changed my life forever. What moment was that you may ask? It was the moment my partner announced she was pregnant, this was a life changing event for me and it activated something within my brain which said “you have to sort yourself out for this child’s sake” I was already fighting with my addiction to try and save my relationship but now we are having a child together and have absolutely no choice in the matter, I am going to get help.

When speaking to my doctor, she mentioned that seeking a rehabilitation programme would be the best course of action in dealing with my addiction. So, I started to look online and one thing struck me. When I am in the sun my mind always seems more peaceful and content with less stress and as you now know stress is one of the main causes for my obsession with drink so anywhere that has no stress is somewhere I must be.

During the summer, my go-to destination has always been Alicante in Spain, I fell in love with it since I first went 10 years ago and have been going back ever since. This prompted a quick google search of alcohol rehab in Alicante and sure enough, I found a really nice looking addiction treatment clinic in the lovely town of Moraira, it was called Step One Recovery who happen to be apart of a well known UK company called Rehab Clinics Group and this is where my journey begins……….



Are you suffering with an alcohol addiction?

The most proven way to recover from addiction is by undertaking a rehabilitation programme, I am currently receiving treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Spain called Step One Recovery who are part of Rehab Clinics Group.

What is an alcohol addiction?
An alcohol addiction is a disease that can be classed as both a physical and mental condition.

Symptoms of an alcohol addiction
The most common symptoms include negative emotions, cravings, impulsive behaviour and withdrawal syndrome.

Key causes of an alcohol addiction
The cause of an alcohol addiction can be down to many different factors including the environment you surround yourself in. This was the case for me and that's why I decided to get treatment as far away as I could.

Alcohol addiction withdrawl symptoms
When removing alcohol from your system you may experiance some symtoms as a result, this can include tiredness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, nausea etc. This is why it's important that you detox in a safe environment with health professionals on hand.